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The requirement of planned development was sought in the year of 1980 due to pressure of increasing population in urban and surrounding areas of unnao.

Keeping view of the above status, in the year of 1983 Government of Uttar Pradesh declared the Unnao-Development area comprising of urban areas of Unnao & Shuklaganj and 44 near by villages under the previsions of uttar Pradesh Urban Planning & Development Act 1973. The Master Plan for the planned development of Unnao-Shuklaganj Development Area was approved on 30-06-1988. The Unnao-Shuklaganj Development Authority was constituted on 07-12-1983 to ensure planned development of the reserved area with the compliance of Urban Planning & Development Act, 1973.

After the constitution of Unnao-Shuklaganj Development Authority, planned development was expected to take place as per Master Plan but in the initial years no scheme could be started. In the decade of 90s following schemes were conceived for implementation.

- Priydarshini Nagar Residential Scheme.

- PriydarshiniMotinagar Residential & Commercial Scheme.

- PriydarshiniAutomobile Scheme.

- PriydarshiniGadankhera Scheme.

- PriydarshiniPooran Nagar Residential Scheme.

- PriydarshiniNirala Nagar Residential Scheme.